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Jordan Spengler

Magic is NOT irrelevant

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Name:Jordan Spengler
Birthdate:Jul 9
Location:New York, United States of America
* Daughter of Egon Spengler and Janine Melnitz.
* Has one (older) brother.
* Studied anthropology & metaphysics at Columbia University.
* Takes after the part of her father's family that practices witchcraft; he might find it irrelevant, but she most certainly does not.
* Since leaving school, she has opened a New Age shop in Brooklyn, The Unbroken Circle.
* But it looks like, thanks to a key found in the back of a kitchen drawer, that might all be changing. As her friends (and yes, anyone familiar with the supernatural history of NY will know exactly who those friends are) want to re-open 'the family business.' Long as they don't cross the streams, right?

[Disclaimer: I COMPLETELY BLAME THE NEW REMIX OF THE SONG. After listening to it like 15 times, I had to bring this bb out of retirement. Though I think to date she only existed in notebooks tucked away under beds or in basements. Obviously I own nothing except Jordan. Also mun and muse are both 21+.]
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